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Sangeh Monkey Forest

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Sangeh Monkey Forest (Bukit Sari), Sangeh (Sangeh village is on the small road that leads from Abiansemal to Petang, just to the north east of Pura Taman Ayun).

To get there, you can ride Bemo the local public transportation, from Ubung and Wangaya bus terminal in central of Denpasar. Sangeh is within an easy drive from Mengwi, 15 kilometer southwest, or 40 minutes ride to the west of Ubud. Alternatively you can join in an organized tours from the travel agent.

The macaques here act as guardians of Puri Buki Sari (Bukit Sari Temple). Legend has it that these monkeys are descendents of the army assembled by the monkey king Hanuman and that the forest here is a fragment of Mount Meru that fell to earth. The temple was built in the 17th century. The monkeys here are as bold as elsewhere in Bali so hang on to your belongings. Sangeh combines well with a vist to Pura Taman Ayun.

There is an old temple in Sangeh Monkey Forest and was built during the seventeenth century. Thousand of sacred nutmeg trees covers the whole area and are the home for the monkeys and bats. This is a small forest measuring 12,00ha where you can find hundreds of monkey in their natural habitat.

In Hindu religion monkeys have a special status that is the main reason monkeys live freely and peaceful in Sangeh. Human being and monkeys live harmoniously without disturbing each other.  The monkeys are very attracted in shiny object such as Camera, glasses and etc, so keep your things with calm.

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